The City of Horse Cave
P.O. Box 326
Horse Cave, KY 42749
Phone: (270) 786-2680
Fax: (270) 786-2688

City Of Horse Cave 

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Starting January 1, 2020, Hart County Solid Waste will be receiving all calls

 from residents and businesses located within the city limits of Horse Cave, 

for pick-up of brush, limbs, and bags of grass clippings and/or leaves. This is

 a free service offered by Hart County Solid Waste.

Please set bags of grass clippings and/or leaves out to the curb and brush

 piles to the closest curb. Limbs can be no larger than four (4) inches in


diameter with the large cut ends toward the curb. No roots or dirt are 


Please call the Hart County Solid Waste Drop Off Center at 270-524-5178.



The Horse Cave Public Works Department will again assist residents to dispose of leaves. Residents of Horse Cave may rake leaves to the edge of their yard, close to the street to be vacuumed. Call City Hall at 270-786-2680 for pickup.

Please do not rake leaves or throw grass into the streets or onto sidewalks which causes a slip hazard for pedestrians and vehicles as well as clogs storm drains.

You are reminded that burning leaves or other items is forbidden in the City and subject to a fine.

The Hart County Planning Commission has updated its 2014 Comprehensive Land Use Plan. 

The draft plan will be reviewed by the commission and the public during December 2019. A public hearing to present the Goals and Objectives as well as the complete plan and receive comments from the public will be scheduled in late January/early February 2020. Adoption of the final version will follow. The draft plan is available by clicking on the link above called "Hart County Comprehensive Plan". Questions or comments should be directed to the Hart County Planning Commission at the following email address: 


              HORSE CAVE CHRISTMAS PARADE 2019......
Here are some pictures taken on Saturday. Thank you all who participated.
Merry Christmas from the City of Horse Cave!!!

Temporary Census Jobs

    Census 2020 still need THOUSANDS of applicants to fill temporary, work-from-home and office positions across Kentucky.  These are good-paying jobs with flexible schedules that are perfect for teachers wanting to make an extra income,  high school students over 18, veterans, seniors, and anyone wanting to be a part of history.


The swinging bridge is coming along a little

 everyday. Looking forward to seeing it complete

 at Hidden River Cave/American Cave Museum.

Congratulations to Mayor Curry for
receiving the BRADD William H. 
Natcher Award!

The William H. Natcher Award is to recognize and honor distinguished service in government and the veteran United States Congressman who said, "Let's do it the right way".

            FARMER’S MARKET

Starting June 12, 2019 the Farmer’s Market will be at Maple Street Park in Horse Cave from 7:30 a.m. until they sell out. This will go on every Wednesday. We hope you come out and support our local farmers.

Thank you.

                                        HART COUNTY SOLID WASTE

              Hart County Solid Waste now has Free Large Item Drop Off the 

                                      1st Saturday of each month from 

                                                      8:00am - 12:00 noon


           Shop Local First

  Hometown Dollars can be used just like cash at any participating business. From restaurants to entertainment; from farm produce to automotive repair and supplies, retail stores and specialty shops....Hometown Dollars are truly a unique gift. These gift certificates would be great for company parties, employee incentives, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or just because...the possibilities are endless. Hometown Dollars Gift Certificates can be purchased at the following locations:

                               * Hart County Chamber of Commerce  119 East Union St., Munfordville

                               * Munfordville Welcome Center             113 Main St. , Munfordville

                               * Horse Cave City Hall                           121 Woodlawn St., Horse Cave

Each certificate may be redeemed for merchandise or services at full face value at any of the 40+ local participating businesses. This program is sponsored by the Hart County Chamber of Commerce. If you have any questions about this program or experience any problems in using the gift certificates, call : (270) 524-2892


Bicentennial T-shirts for

You can now purchase these t-shirts at the Hart County Historical Museum on 109 Main St. in Munfordville. Cost is $15 ea.

A Walk Through Time Antiques T-shirts for sale

You can purchase these t-shirts at the Antique store in Horse Cave. 

Cost for shirts are $15 ea. 

Needing something creative to do?

  Sims Studios and Arts Shops schedules painting parties for Adults and for Children that take the participants step by step through the creation of a selected image for each session. Groups can schedule their own sessions. Parties include; materials, instructions, and light snacks. Sims Studios and Art Shops is located at 112 East Main St. in Horse Cave. Call 270-218-1067 or 270-786-ARTS for more info and to reserve your spot! 

2 hours----Painting parties---Kids $25, Adults $30 

1 hour----Individual lessons---$25/hr

A Leaf In Time

  These wonderful books hold so much knowledge and history of Horse Cave. Our ancestors worked hard making a living and building a future for the generations to come and to honor them, this pictorial history was compiled and published by the Horse Cave Heritage Festival Book Committee and can be found and purchased at the Horse Cave City Hall. Please call 270-786-2680 with any questions you may have. 

Year In Review


This year has been a good year overall. We continue to work on improving and maintaining the appearance of the city and making sure the needs of the citizens are met. New signage was put in place this year on all entrances into the city. Downtown Horse Cave continues to strive with the local merchants working together to bring shoppers in town and "To the Nines" was very successful. This event happened the first Friday night of each month that started last fall and will start again in the spring per the merchant group. In August of the year, Southern Kentucky Film Commission announced a donation of land from the Kenneth Bale family to build a film studio on the old Independent Warehouse site. Hopefully construction will begin in the spring of 2020. Hidden River Cave project is progressing with the bridge reaching completion so the cave tours can be expanded to the "Dome Room" that will enhance the cave tours and bring more tourist to Horse Cave. For the first time, Horse Cave received $83,974.00 from Discretionary Road Funds to paved designated streets. This work will be done in the spring when blacktopping plants open back up for the season. Our industries continue to grow, expand and provide quality jobs for our city. 

Police Department

Chief Heather Childress has been doing an excellent job leading and restructuring this department. Department is almost at peak employment, with full police powers, certified officers and providing a full-time resource officer at Caverna High School with the school system providing financial resources as well. More officers will be added this coming year with more interaction programs to educate the public on important issues and what to be aware of the continuing challenges of the changing community. "Protect and Serve" is their priority daily. Renovation of Chief's office and patrol offices have been made by maintenance department to save money on these projects. 

Fire Department

This volunteer department has made a total of 533 runs for the year, most being medical runs, structure, vehicle, grass fires and weather-related incidents and mutual aid department runs. Fire department continues to engage in training and the necessary things required for them to be certified firefighters. Department was able to add an additional ladder truck this past year that is funded by the fire dues tax the county implemented several years ago. This equipment is very valuable because of the existing industries and the size of structures we have in our city. Maintaining of the firehouse, maintenance of all equipment is performed by the volunteer firefighters that saves the city numerous dollars throughout the year and their priority is serving the community to make sure all citizens are safe and secure. 

Public Works

These employees work extremely hard to make sure the city looks good to everyone that visits or comes to our city. Maintaining the right of ways in all directions of the city, downtown manicuring of shrubbery, Maple Street City Park, Thomas House, City Hall, opening and closing graves, cemeteries maintenance and many more tasks that they complete daily. KLC safety grants have been received in the amount of $522.00 to purchase needed and required safety equipment for the department. This department preforms many maintenance tasks on most equipment that saves the city major dollars throughout the year. 

City Hall

We continue to make fiscal upgrade to make this office more customer friendly for the general public. New flooring, painting of the office area, entrance area and restoring the steps leading to the upstarts area have been completed this year. This work has been done by maintenance department as well to save money. Office personnel are skilled and trained to do whatever is needed to get the job done daily. Each does have designated duties and capable of covering necessary duties of the office. 

Goals for 2020

* Reapply for the Recreational Trails Program 80/20 grant, $116,550.00 for the walking trail on the old Owens Hotel property that extends to Smith and Mill Street. This will include other amenities that will enhance this area. 

* Continue to support job growth. Industrial growth has been the lifeline for Horse Cave after the tobacco industry and several more in the retail industry. Looking for more expansion to be announced in 2020 that will increase these numbers. 

* Continue to work with county, regional and state leadership to get positive results for Horse Cave. I currently attend and will continue in the future all meetings that Horse Cave is a stakeholder and to be sure I do not miss an opportunity to bring positive results for the citizens. 

* Promotion of our downtown businesses. We have been blessed to have these small businesses to continue to offer opportunities for citizens to shop locally for products they have to offer. 

* Continue to work with local, state and federal officials to get the connector road that will allow truck traffic  to get to our industrial park/sites more smoothly. 

* Promotion of more affordable housing. We have had several new houses started and completed this past year, but studies show there is still a shortage not only in Horse Cave, but countywide. 

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

--Mayor Randall Curry

2018-19 Kentucky Municipal Guide -Click HERE for a copy 

Updated 'Certificate of Interment Rights' Adopted 1/9/17

Updated Cemetery Regulations Adopted 1/9/17
The Horse Cave City Council adopted by resolution a new 'Certificate of Interment Rights' for the Horse Cave Municipal Cemeteries to provide more pertinent information to the purchaser of their interment rights within the Main Street and Guthrie Street cemeteries.  The Council also passed by resolution new updated regulations for both cemeteries.  Click HERE to download a copy of the new regulations.  

Horse Cave Mayor Randall Curry Presents Historic Proclamation

On March 5, 2016 Mayor Randall Curry attended the WKU 1971 Final-Four Team Reunion Luncheon. He presented a proclamation from the city of Horse Cave, Kentucky declaring March 5, 2016 as “Clarence Glover Day”. Mr. Glover is a graduate of Caverna High School and was a starting-forward on that historic Western Kentucky University team.

In 1971 Houston hosted the NCAA Final-Four for their first time ever in the Astrodome. The teams were WKU, Villanova, Kansas, and UCLA. Attendance was over 35,000 people. On April 2, 2016 Houston will host the NCAA Final-Four again…this time in the NRG Stadium.

While watching the games being played in Houston on April 2, 2016 we can keep one thing in mind. The proclamation to Clarence Glover illustrates our city’s connection to the NCAA Final-Four in 1971 and 45 years later in 2016.

Additionally, Western Kentucky University remains the FIRST and ONLY team in NCAA Division I Final-Four history to have the (1) president of the university – Dero Downing, (2) athletic director – Ted Hornback, (3) entire full-time coaching staff – John Oldham, Buck Sydnor, & Jim Richards, and (4) the entire starting line-up – Jim Rose, Rex Bailey, Jim McDaniels, Jerry Dunn, & Clarence Glover - all from the same state-KENTUCKY.



Click HERE to read the Master Plan created from a Flex-E Grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission which also funding the first mural project.  


Maple Avenue Park Project to be  completed after 10 years from  beginning in 2004. 

Click HERE to sponsor a tree

Click HERE to support the park project

City receives KU Tree Grant

City receives KLC Crumb Rubber Grant

Dart Container, Inc. is the largest employer in Hart County and also located in Horse Cave.  Caverna High School, Caverna Memorial Hospital, Hart County Heath Care, T. Marzetti, Sister Shubert, Kentucky Chrome Works, Southern States Cooperative, Geothermal Supply and Square Deal Lumber Company are all located at the southern end of the city along 31-W.  These existing industries, health care services, and schools are just a small part of what Horse Cave has to offer.  
The Horse Cave Fire Department moved to its new location at 1040 East Main Street in the spring of 2014.