The City of Horse Cave
P.O. Box 326
Horse Cave, KY 42749
Phone: (270) 786-2680
Fax: (270) 786-2688

City Of Horse Cave 

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City Council

 STANDING-Council Members: Allen Harper, Jackie Buckingham, David Lindsey, Perry Martin, Vickie Rogers, Maronda Gibson 

SEATED:  Ann Matera, Mayor Randall Curry, City Atty. Pat Ross

NOT PICTURED: City Clerk Joy Bennett, Council Member-Larry Bunch, Velpha Hatchett, Sue Nunn


The City of Horse Cave is governed by the Mayor and six publicly-elected city council members who serve four and two year terms respectively. 

Council members are the legislative body of local government. Pursuant to KRS 83A.040, a member of the legislative body must be at least 21 years of age, be a qualified voter in the city, and be a resident of the city throughout the term of office.

City legislators must be elected at a regular election. They serve a two year term that begins January 1st after the election.

City legislators are required per KRS 62.010 to take an oath of office on or before their term begins.

In a Mayor-Council form of government, City Council may only act as a whole body. Individual city council members may not make decisions or act on behalf of the body. The Council must have a quorum, or majority of all members, in order to act. (KRS 83A.060). The Council is prohibited from performing any administrative or executive functions (KRS 83A.130), they do not have any authority over the day to day functions of a city government. According to KRS 83A.130, all legislative authority is in the hands of the city council, such as establishing ordinances, municipal orders, and resolutions.


City Council meets on the second Monday of every month at 6:00 P.M. at City Hall Chambers, 121 Woodlawn Avenue, Horse Cave.

The public is invited to attend all meetings.  An allocated time is available for 'Citizen Concerns' at each meeting.  
However, if you wish to address the council in support of or against proposed legislation during the meeting, please make arrangements IN ADVANCE (3 days) by contacting City Hall,  270-786-2680 or contact Mayor Curry at 



Larry Bunch

Serving since 2019 

310 Maple Ave.
Horse Cave, KY  42749

 Velpha Hatchett

Serving since 2017

215 Willis St

Horse Cave, KY  42749


 Maronda Gibson

Serving since 2015

324 Maple Ave

Horse Cave, KY  42749


 Sue Nunn

Serving since 2020

 Perry Martin 

Serving since 2011 

207 Maple Ave.
Horse Cave, KY  42749

 Vickie Rogers 

Serving since

447 Smith Street
P. O. Box 363
Horse Cave, KY  42749